Fequently Asked Questions

Who is your audience?

We target for Asian public. We are from Asia and we know Asian well.


Give me demo of your projects?

Get our apps from project page links. If you are looking for extra, we can share them to you in hardcopies during our meetings.


Let's be partners

Great! We would love to join in. Drop us an email or contact us by the contact form


How can people find my site?

We can help using Google Adsense, and suggest ways to promote in Facebook and Twitter. If you want to keep your site private, we offer password protection to prevent any unapproved visitors.


How much is to put advertisements to your app?

Generally it's by the number of users using. But there are other ways like a fix amount of money for a period of time. Contact us for details.


How long for you to build a website?

This depends on the scale of the site. Sometimes we do suggest using third party graphics and frameworks like WordPress and Opencart to shorten the development time and reduce cost.


Do you do web hosting?

Yes. That's possible. We host the projects we made and may also do web hosting for clients. We have servers in US, Europe and Asia, and have a good clustering architecture.


I am from a voluntary organization and can you help by providing your expertise?

We are willing to do so. We have a team of professionals who can help.