Across app stores Nov 2013

There is a lot more than Google Play 

Google Play is the official place where Android users download their apps but there are a lot more. Since Opera invited us to join their app store, we have also published our apps to Samsung and several Chinese app stores. 

Another challenging task is to adopt our Football Squad to the Tizen OS, as one of its early bird app store submission. Looking forward for its official opening.

New skin for the website Oct 2013

Everyone, everything is looking for improvements, and so are we 

Though it's not long before our website is launched, we decided to go for a revamp. Mostly this is for better SEO and better design. But I would further say we gain so much experiences in this period such that we are eager to show what we have learnt at once! 

Find us with our new mission at About Us.

Another new app for football lovers Aug 2013

Filling in a missing piece for football apps 

Our Football Squad focuses on squad members of your favourite football club. Continuing the good sequence with GGeneration Frontier GuideFootball Squad is also being downloaded for a few hundred times within a week. 

Find us at the Google Play. If you like football, you will like this. Why I know it, because I like football too.

Our app caught attention Jun 2013

What's better than an app becoming popular? 

Our GGeneration Frontier Guide is being downloaded for a few hundred times within a week. Thanks for all the comments and feedbacks and we provided the best reply by releasing the updated version yesterday. 

Find us at the Top New Free apps list (a few pages behind for now..) and Stay tuned for our future releases!

Hello World! May 2013

It is fantastic to say hi to everyone with the lesson 1 magic word in a computer class. We have been setting Nethru up for over a year and now we are proud to say we are ready! 

Know us more at About, what we can do in the Projects and never the less our friends at Partners. You can also talk to us at Contact or [email protected]

We will be bring up some apps to market shortly. See us at App Store and Google Play soon!