Mobile app - Native Apps with a Single Code Set Nov 2016

We have mentioned the challenges for making native apps is the extra time and skill set required for more platforms. We also came across the pain point for developing html5 hybrid app is the poor performance and limited functionality compared to native app. Here comes a third choice.

There are new languages, such as Nativescript, React Native and Xamarin, which can use a single code set to generate apps of different platforms. They use their own languages, not Java, not Objective C nor Swift, but they can build native Android and iOS apps.

We have also used React Native and Nativescript on some mobile projects. We found them easy to develop and the performance of app is good as native. And the best thing is being able to launch Android and iOS app at the same time!

Mobile app - native or hybrid Nov 2015

Native apps are built by the code that each mobile OS supports officially, e.g. Java for Android and Objective C/Swift for iOS. They respond fast and are stable to support. As for hybrid apps, they are built by html5. They are easy to develop and can support multiple platforms.

When deciding to use which technology to build an app, I think functionality is the most important factor. When you have to build a simple informative app, html5 is much faster and cheaper to build. On the other hand, when you need to ensure stability on complex apps, then native code helps a lot.

Some say there is a huge difference in performance between the two, what do you think? SD高達 GGeneration Frontier攻略‧情報 (hybrid) and Football Squad (native)

Testing in Microsoft Edge, the new Win10 browser Jun 2015

Microsoft is going to launch their Windows 10 on 29th July this year, and Internet Explorer, IE, is going to be replaced by Microsoft Edge. Edge will become the default browser of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. 

There are new features at Edge such as new layout engine also known as EdgeHTML, dropping support of legacy technologies such as ActiveX and Browser Helper Objects etc. But for companies which their existing applications are based on IE, they will either need to have them upgraded or have a complete revamp for supporting this new browser. 

We are also testing on the compatibility of our new applications on Microsoft Edge, to keep our products on the edge of the technology.

Decoding, our new app launched Mar 2015

GRIDecode [pronounced as grid-decode] is the new app by Nethru, it’s simple but yet challenging. 

GRIDecode is a unique puzzling game first launched in market. After the busy year end projects, we have been focusing for this new app for months. We want to make it simple to start, but with a sense of complication for the masterminds; make it fun to play, but also can be a tool to train your brain. 

If you like puzzle games, try the new GRIDecode, decode the grids with line and color!

Refreshing our layout Nov 2014

The magic of attracting visitors is to add something new regularly. Being busy with a few projects recently, we never forget to improve our websites and apps. 

On our homepage, we added a movable background with the windmill. Try to move your mouse at and you'll feel the fun. 

In our app, we updated our football squad logo and banner to a simple and clear design. Have a look at Google Play

To improve doesn’t necessarily mean a big revamp. A little change can make a favorable difference.

Joining the global developers in Github Jul 2014

We have used Github for coding ideas and we now it’s our turn to share our insight. 

Github is a stable respository with millions of opensource and private projects. It’s also a place full of talented developers around the world. 

Being "talented" developers, we have launched our first library to Github in MIT license. Using this library, you can turn images to grayscale easily with javascript and css. 

Want to improve photo elegancy with grayscale? Try our free library image-grayscale at Github.

New domain, new workshop, new name card May 2014

All is new with a bright future. 

With our new url,, you don’t have to type that much again. 
With our new workshop, work can be more efficient and our projects will be of higher quality. 
With our new name card, you see our passion to the future.

Our learning places Mar 2014

This month we are sharing with you our learning schedule. 

When searching for courses at the beginning, it’s incredible to see a variety of great courses which are free! Among them, we chose Coursera and Youth Employment Start (YES) . Coursera is a type of Massive open online course (MOOC), which you can arrange your learning schedule easily at home by watching video lectures; while YES, a local organization for youth, is of a classroom learning format and is also a place to meet fellow youth entrepreneurs. 

And as said in last article, we need to keep learning if you want to meet customer’s expectation. Having so much benefit and it’s free, so.., See you in class!

Balancing work and learn Feb 2014

It’s a dilemma whether to use your time in work and earn money; or use time on studying and gain knowledge. 

Usually people might choose work, which can generate money. But studying is also a kind of work, it gives people useful information and techniques to work for customers, and generate money indirectly. It also allows you to step back and review your project in another perspective. 

We look for balance between work and learn to make solutions which fit customer’s expectation and needs.

Nethru tech blog Jan 2014

Our internal resources that could be your lantern in the mist 

As a part of the global community, it is easy to get to an agreement with our partners to share technical tips and IT management ideas to the public as our new Nethru Blog. This is also a great chance for us to build it as our own experience handbook for future reference. 

We wrote in our Nethru Blog articles about web programming, mobile apps, how we organize our source codes and also ways to enhance IT projects. You are also welcomed to comment and give us feedbacks. Hope you like it.